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The eFolder has been designed to keep a track of the path to the document for a particular part, it does not keep the document it self, any modifications made while in development of the part do not affect the eFolder as the path to the document remains the same. If the issue changes than the eFolder software will point the documents relating to the new issue. If the part has to be manufactured again, the documents paths are already in the eFolder database. Once parts are old and need to be archived, eFolder will extract the files as well and archive so that the parts for re-manufacture that are very old can be re-made exactly to the same specifications. The Operator can call the old part from the archives, from the shopfloor. The part program and other documents are instantly available.


  • Easy to configure and use
  • Links to exisiting MRP System
  • Reduces paper on shop floor
  • Can track dicuments for re-manufacture
  • Easy archiving/retrievel of files
  • Import/Export facility
  • Saves time and money
  • Electronic access of documents from the shopfloor

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